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''Meet Corliss Archer'' - Harry's Diet

Published 1954

Episode "Harry's Diet" of the short-lived 1950s television sitcom "Meet Corliss Archer". Look out for b-actor and wrestler Tor Johnson in a small role!

Run time 25 minutes 59 seconds
Production Company ZIV Television Productions
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: cma110 - - August 3, 2012
Subject: Building the Television Archive
Meet Corliss Archer -- “Harry's Diet”
Season 1 episode 13, originally aired June 25, 1955

Based on characters written by F. Hugh Herbert
Written by Bob Eisenbach
Directed by Roy Del Ruth
Starring Ann Baker (Corliss), Bobby Ellis (Dexter), John Eldredge (Harry), Mary Brian (Janet)
Narrated by Hy Averback

MEET CORLISS ARCHER is a short-lived American sitcom that aired in 1954 about a teenager and her relationships with her goofy boyfriend Dexter and her sometimes clueless parents Harry and Janet. Each episode ran from 22 to 25 minutes long in black and white. The series was adapted from the popular radio series of the same name. It is known for cutting to comic-book style drawing of the situation several times within each episode, each occurrence accompanied by the narrator's commentary on that situation.

Production History
Meet Corliss Archer was filmed at Revue Studios in Hollywood and produced by Frederick W. Ziv of ZIV Television programs.

Broadcast History
This production was actually the second, better known series of Meet Corliss Archer, which appeared in syndication three years after its other debut. Each Corliss series starred different casts.

In “Harry's Diet,” Harry summons all his willpower and goes on a diet.